Ballroom & Latin dance classes (Beginner level)

Thursdays 20:30 - 21:30

Starting 10/01/2019

St John's Church Hall, Portobello


Our beginner level classes are perfect if you've never danced before and you're looking to try something new. We'll cover a range of dances in a lovely, relaxed atmosphere to get you moving confidently round the floor. Don't worry if you've never danced before, or if you don't have a partner - all you need is the willing to learn some new moves and have some fun!



Class details and how to sign up


Thursdays | 20:30 - 21:30 | £5pp

Start date: 25/10/2018

End date: 13/12/2018 (8 weeks)


St John's Church Hall

Brighton Place


EH15 1LP


To sign up for this 8 week course just click on the sign up button at the top of the page to send us an e-mail. We will then contact you with all the information you'll need to join.


If you have any questions about the class, please get in touch. You can e-mail, message us on Facebook, or call us on 07518 538 005.




Can I still join if I can't come on the first night?


Yes! Don’t worry if you can’t make the first class - there will be plenty of opportunity for you to catch up.


Do I need to come with a partner?


No, you can come by yourself if you don’t have a partner, or if your partner can’t come with you.


If we come as a couple do we have to change partners?


No, we won't insist that you change partners.


What happens if I miss a class?


This is nothing to worry about! Each class will include an element of revision, so there will be plenty of opportunity for you to catch up.


What should I wear?


Please just wear whatever you’ll feel comfortable in for a dance class - something that won't restrict your movement. You should, for example, be able to take normal sized walking steps, and easily raise your arms to the sides to shoulder height.


In terms of footwear, hard-soled shoes are best - shoes that won’t stick to the floor when you dance.


How do I pay?


You can either pay in cash (pay as you go or for the whole 8 week term), or you can pay in advance by bank transfer.


How will you keep people updated about the class


We will contact you directly with any important information about the class - e.g. details of any unavoidable cancellations - and also post on the Wild for Dance Facebook page.